Dear Sunshine Lover and pura vida fan!

Are You Also Ready To Leave The Cold & Stress,
And Finally Move To Costa Rica
Having A Better Lifestyle Spending Less Money?

This in depth guide will give you all the information and answers you need -BEFORE moving to Costa Rica



Dear Sunshine Lover,

Are you planning to escape the cold rain and snow that is about to come over your country??

Maybe you would like to move to Costa Rica for good but find it hard to gather all the information you need through the Internet?
Do you wish you had somebody living in Costa Rica who could answer all the questions you have?

Since we moved to Costa Rica in 2010 we got so many emails from people all telling us that they wanted to move here themselves, but they didn’t know where to start. They wanted to know how much it would cost for food, how much a costs a car, what is the school system like, what about health insurance, etc…If you have any of these same questions than you are going to love this program.

You just get pieces here and there, but you get no answers on the variety of questions you want answers to. It is hard.

We have lived here now for the last two and a half years and we solved all the problems you are wondering about now. We know how to get a visa, how the health system works, how the school system works, where to buy land, and what mistakes to avoid when buying property.

We decided to make all our solutions available to you in a nicely put together  simple guide so that you don’t have to spend hours searching the Internet for answers to your questions.

This “How to move to Costa Rica Guide” makes it easy for you, because it gives you all the information you need at one time. Rather than searching the web for hours, just follow this guide.

With all the background information we provide to you, you can decide if moving to a tropical foreign country is really for you. This will save you a lot of money. Imagine if you sold everything before coming here, just to find out that you don’t like it.


Here is what you’ll get with this online course/membership program

  • 1st Module: Background info
    -Cultural differences and how to succeed being a gringo in a foreign country (the top 10 “Pura Vida” tricks nobody tells you about)
    -Security issues and the 3 rules to live safely in Costa Rica
    -How to deal with rainy season (insider info about the side of Costa Rica you normally DON’T read about)
    -School systems (compare local schools with private schools. Addresses and top quality education in Costa Rica)
    -3 tips to eliminate problems with bugs and insects in Costa Rica
    -West Coast vs East Coast in Costa Rica
    -Night life and entertainment
    -What are some customs that might catch outsiders off guard and cause “culture shock”
    -How good is the public transportation system (as cars are much more expensive than in the US)?
  • 2nd Module: Get prepared
    -Cost of living (car /rent). Insider tips that will save you 100s of $ each month!
    -Cheap plane tickets (our top secret airline tricks to get a plane tickets from the US to Costa Rica for as low as $119)
    -Preparing your move from home
    -How to get a (long-term) visa for Costa Rica
    -What to do with house/job/families when away. Our step-by-step system to leave home worry-free
    -The health system in Costa Rica and how to get health insurance wherever you happen to be on earth
    -Plan your first trip (a check off list of things you must take with you and other things you must leave at home!)
  • 3rd Module: Arriving in Costa Rica, start building your new life

    -The 5 top mistakes people make when buying property and how to avoid them
    -How and where to get healthy food (the top tips to get local organic food, along with other resources to get all the super-foods that you can’t get down here shipped to you for only $6)
    -Closed vs. open house (What you must know about different structures and how they effect your living quality)
    -Beach vs. mountain properties (pros and cons of both)
    -How to build your own house in CR, what materials and structures to use. (I am a German professional builder!!)
    -How to travel to CR without being a Spanish expert (How the locals will love you, even if you are not fluent in Spanish)
  • Extra Bonus:
    -Interviews with Greg G. who has lived in Costa Rica for 30 years. He runs a building company and knows the world about buying properties and building houses in Costa Rica. He also created a bio-dynamic self-sustainable farm 25 years ago.
    Learn all the tips from somebody how knows the country, its laws, how to buy property and how to build inside out.

The normal price for this Pura Vida-membership program is $349


The price for the bonus interviews is normally $29 each, making it a total of $58


If we add the prices together…
it adds up to a cost of $407
Obviously, I’m not going to ask you for 407$ today…
I know that many of you are on a budget, and you want to spend your money on moving down here.We wanted to offer that course for $149 but then decided to give  this course away here on our website for $89


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“My husband and I purchased Ka Sundance’s course on “How to move to Costa Rica” and we’re very pleased. Not only did the course answer our questions, but it also provided a wealth of specific information that we were unable to find on our own.

Ka’s passion was evident throughout the videos, and it has further inspired us to embark upon our dream. His knowledge and inspiration provided that which we were seeking in order to make our dream a reality, and for that we are very grateful.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning to visit or move to Costa Rica, it is definitely worth the investment!

Pura Vida!”

Syndie Calloway, Wichita, Kansas, USA


The reason why we are doing this is that we want to help you leave the cold and storm-suffering Northern America.

We are dedicated to help you in avoiding those big mistakes we see people doing over and over again, having to leave CR with their life dream destroyed by a simple lack of information.
So we highly recommend that you get this course to make sure that you don’t make any of the mistakes that others make when coming down here.
But before you do that, let me tell you about our promise
Our promise to you:
-You get all the info you need to make a successful move down to paradise
-You get full access to all the free tools we used to come down here with our family

We think that this program is the best investment you can make before actually moving to Costa Rica, and it is going to cover all the things you absolutely need to know BEFORE you leave so it will actually save you money.

Even if you don’t want to move here permanently , and only want to spend the winter months this guide is going to give you useful information regarding when is the best time to come here. In addition, it will show you how to rent a house here for just a few months.

If you haven’t quite decided yet if you even want to move at all, then this course is especially for you.

It is going to give you all the background information you need to decide.

You are going to learn about the rainy season, how to deal with insects and a lot more, which will ultimately help you decide whether Costa Rica is right for you.

“I’m so happy that I purchased Ka’s Course on How to Move to Costa Rica! It is helping me transform a dream into reality with much more ease and far less hassle than I could have done on my own. Everything from learning how to prepare from visas to air travel to health insurance, all the way to how to live safely and as economically as possible once there. He even covers how to buy and or build a house, which may come in handy one day for me as well!

In addition to all of this valuable information, I have to say it’s so wonderful to feel like you have a guide on this journey. Ka’s personable style, his compassion and warm heart really come through the videos. You can tell he’s very happy there, and he wants YOU to be happy living in Costa Rica as well. Thank you Ka (and your wife) for putting together this great, comprehensive program!”

Mikaela Jones, Portland, OR
Author, Little Book of Light
“I am a single mum of 2 young kids and my dream of living in a tropical paradise seemed so out of reach… until I bought Ka Sundance’s ‘How to move to Costa Rica.’ online course. I am feeling confident I can make the move all thanks to the dedication and information provided by Ka. You are a light Ka, thank you so much for all the love and support you give the world! I hope to see you in Costa Rica soon Pura Vida!”
Katie Maki, Wellington, New Zealand
“After buying Ka’s course “How To Move To Costa Rica,” we feel very ready to make the move. Ka answered so many of the questions we had, even the small details. We are so happy we found this awesome course!! We totally enjoyed it and are more excited than ever to move to Costa Rica now! Thank you so much, Ka!! :)”
Nate & Patti Fletcher, Wayland, MI USA
“I purchased Ka Sundance’s ‘How To Move To Costa Rica’ course and can safely say I am absolutely delighted that I did! Having done some of my own Internet research I can say with some justification that you will not find such a comprehensive wealth of bespoke information on moving to Costa Rica, all in the one place, anywhere on the web! Ka answered all of the burning questions I had about my imminent move.

It is very clear how much Ka has fallen in love with the country, the people and their way of life. And it is so inspiring to see how he and his family have been able to embrace all things Costa Rican. The course has really instilled the belief in me that if they can do it, then so can I!It is well laid out, easy to navigate, well presented, and clearly evident that Ka has put it together with compassion in his heart to really help people looking to follow in his footsteps. I know I will refer to the course content many times before I emigrate and also many times when I am there. It really is that invaluable! I would thoroughly recommend anyone even considering travelling or moving to Costa Rica buys this course. It will be the best investment you will make to turn your Costa Rican adventure into your Dream Trip or your Dream Life.
Thank you so much Ka. Pura Vida!”

Davd Blair. Glasgow. Scotland
“Thanks for providing your “How to Move to Costa Rica” course. It was very helpful. I’m considering moving to CR so I have done a lot of research already. However, I learned some new information from your helpful videos.”
Randall Monk, Illinois, USA


Maybe you are a bit afraid to make your move to Costa Rica because of….

“I can’t afford it”
You have to see that staying in the western world, such as USA or Europe is far more expensive than coming down to live in Costa Rica. You can rent a house here for just $100 a month and buy the best food on earth for just a couple of $$….
You must understand that the crime rate in an average western city like New York, Berlin or London is much higher than here in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the most stable country in Central America. Also understand that Costa Rica is neutral. There is no army or aggression. No mother has lost a son in a war during the last 50 years! That does something to a country.


“I am afraid to make a mistake, make a wrong move, loose money, or destroy my dream of Costa Rica”
This is why we believe that you must use this course. We give you all the information and secrets you have to know in order to manifest your life vision successfully!


“I have too many commitments at home”
We also show you a clear step-by-step plan on how to slowly let go of commitments, outsource tasks and finally free yourself to move down here.


“I don’t speak the language!”
There are many, many schools down here. Also, there are private people who would love to teach you Spanish in just a few weeks.
Even if you can only say “hello” and “bye-bye” you will put a smile on the people’s faces down here and open their hearts.
The ticos are used to gringos who do not speak Spanish.
As we don’t want your fears to get in the way of creating your new life in paradise, we felt that we needed to address any concerns that might hold you back.
But no more. Costa Rica and a better life is waiting for you!

-3 modules + all extras delivered in an online video format and pdf files, so you can download the pdf´s on your laptop, IPhone or tablet, covering:


-Learn the essential secrets to enjoying a better lifestyle, and a lower cost of living by moving to Costa Rica. Save time and money following this guide

-Background information that nobody tells you about but that is super important for your move to paradise


-What to watch out for when you buy property and build a house


-Bonus interview with a Costa Rica expert on how to buy property and build your house


Special price! Now only $89 US


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“I really enjoyed the course. In fact I am still enjoying it, as a valuable reference. There are many details and important tips one can only get by watching the videos multiple times. Even with my extensive international living, I have found very useful and practical information in your course.

There are at least hundreds of hours of online video about Costa Rica – both free and paid – but you have a uniquely personalized way of presenting your information. You’re not afraid about sharing your personal opinions and ideas gathered through your life experiences. That’s the main outstanding quality of the videos to me – speaking honestly and directly as you would to a close friend.”

Eric du Preez, Toronto, Canada

If you are serious about moving to Costa Rica you going to love this guide that finally gives you answers to ALL your questions and allows you to start organizing your move. Just imagine how soon you could move here if you get the course today.

Pura Vida
Ka and Katie Sundance


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“I appreciate every single minute that Ka put in this course.It offers so much relevant information! Ka is (as he often mentioned) led by a passion- not by the money.
I feel that he does this more for us than for himself, and this kindness is what makes him so competent and unique as a coach. Never being too confident about himself is what makes him my favourite couch of all time.”
Lena Schroeter, Tuebingen, Deutschland
“I found you information very valuable and informative. Your suggestion to sleep where you are going to build was brilliant! I realized that I had slept on the mountain a number of times in different cabins, but never up at the altitude and as isolated where we are building.
So I brought a tent, and we camped out several nights… It is was much more beautiful then I even imagined!
And most of all, I was relived that there would be no real surprises. Thanks for this great course on how to move to Costa Rica!”
Richard Abbondante, Guttenberg, NJ USA
“The sensible advice provided in this course has changed my mind about things quite a bit…and after all I feel much more prepared but also more excited!!
The videos in this course give very practical suggestions and are to the point. It even provides direct contact information of locals that can help you to get set up, and many other advice on visas, better locations to chose, and other things that I could have not thought about.
On top of that, you can tell that Ka has put really good intentions and care into the course.
I am really excited!
Muchas gracias!”
Guillermo Martin And Family, Phoenix, Arizona, USA